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KBB: 1 in 5 car shoppers consider electrified vehicle

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"20% of Shoppers Consider an EV or a Hybrid, Report Finds"

Includes EVs (~8%) and hybrids×(~15%). Tesla M3 is top EV, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is top hybrid, Chevy Bolt is 10th on combined list.
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People really hate CVTs, and by extension, eCVTs. They don't like the "rubberbanding" and revving of the engine when they are calling for more power. eCVT really is a superior transmission though...

Perhaps if the initial acceleration was by electric motor only, it would condition people to like instant throttle response and silent starts and prime them to love EVs. Even the plug-in Prius was a delight from a dead stop due to instant throttle response and smooth, quiet operation.
For true, it's a continual frustration to transmission/product design engineers that US car buyers are so numbnuts dumb they require a CVT transmission to be programmed to "shift" and thus be less efficient and less economical than if it were allowed to be pure CVT.

Raymond Loewy, the father of modern industrial design understood when he said, "Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable - the adult public's taste is not necessarily ready to accept the logical solutions to their requirements if the solution implies too vast a departure from what they have been conditioned into accepting… "

jack vines
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