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KBB: 1 in 5 car shoppers consider electrified vehicle

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"20% of Shoppers Consider an EV or a Hybrid, Report Finds"

Includes EVs (~8%) and hybrids×(~15%). Tesla M3 is top EV, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is top hybrid, Chevy Bolt is 10th on combined list.
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I used to be super active on Priuschat.

I'm fairly sure before there were any mass-market BEVs (before Model S), I'd seen all sorts of these "consider" surveys for non-plugin hybrids (there were no PHEVs yet). It was always some pretty high %, but IIRC, non-plugin hybrid marketshare in the US never got beyond 10% despite the vehicle requiring no habit change nor any new infrastructure. Will try to find these when I get a chance.

Was amusing and annoying...

I've said it before (and thus agree w/redpoint5), IMHO, every ICEV (that isn't a BEV) should at least be some sort of hybrid, maybe even a mild or micro-hybrid.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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