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Latest software versions?

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What is the latest software version for each model year?

E.g. is the latest software version for the 2017 model year 14.5.0?
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Does anyone have information on the latest version for the 2018 MY? I haven't seen an update but I have issues with Energy Assist and Android Auto.
Somehow, i've gotten the ear of someone in engineering @ GM (won't post their information for obvious reasons) "who is responsible for the 34.9.2 update". I'm asking why the 34.9.2 update isn't applying through tis2web, and if it's going to be available via OTA. I also mentioned a lot of folks complaining about instabilities in the 2019 and before MY. I also mentioned people complaining about losing video playback in the 2017 MY :D

Wish me luck.
I would be happy if they just updated the 2018 MY software with whatever fixes they put into the 2019-2020 version.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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