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Lease swap, MI - 2022 EUV, Blue, Launch Edition

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Hi everyone. Long time lurker here.

I am currently in a lease for a 2022 Bolt EUV Launch Edition and I am looking to exit the lease. I figure I would post here and see if anyone is interested in getting into one of these pretty rare vehicles.

27/36 months left
$433.13 / month payment
State: MI (Detroit metro area)
Current Miles: ~11,400
Mileage Allowance: 15,000 / yr, 45,000 mi total
Maturity Date: 08/05/2024

This thing has all the bells and whistles. Supercruise (free for another 2.5 years), sunroof, upgraded audio, DCFC, vented/heated seats, wireless charging pad, rear usb ports, rear heated seats, 120/240 V wall charger (comes with NEMA 14-50 adapter), special premier badge and wheels, lane keep assist, and auto wipers.

No accidents on this vehicle and I have been keeping the exterior/interior in excellent condition.

I've already payed the upfront costs of the lease so if you're interested you won't need to pay any down payment or anything like that, just the monthly payment and the swap fee of $625.

Let me know if you are interested!

If anyone is interested in knowing why I am getting rid of the car, I am looking to get myself into financing a Tesla instead as it fits my needs more than this car does. Nothing wrong with the EUV, it's probably the best car i've ever driven, just is not fitting my needs anymore.

Oh and no, I havent gotten the new battery yet nor have i updated the software (i need 100% access for long trips).

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