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Here's what they came up with on a Premier with the fast charger. I can't remember what other options I added so let's assume the MSRP is reasonable. What's your thought on the lease details? Putting aside issues of value, comparing to ICE cars, and that I'm paying top dollar for a compact electric economy car.... does the $526 pmt seem reasonable? Ouch. My thought is that the 59% residual is unrealistic and GM is doing what it can to compel me to swallow the lease. My bet is I'll buy the car under $20K in 3 years.

MSRP: $42,925
Rebate: $2,500
ADJ Cap Cost: $41,020
Residual: 59% $25,326
APR: 1.73%
DMV Fee: $360
Tax On CapRt: $218
Total up Front Fees $116
Base Monthly Rental: $485
Monthly Use: $42
Payment: $526
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