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Locking the J1772 plug

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Today for grins, I put a 1/4" long shank pad lock thru the lock hole on the 1772 plug and it didn't do. a thing.... I could still press the trigger and disconnect it from teh car. What gives? Its the unit that came with my siemens versicharge. Is this normal? I thought that's what the locking hole was for?
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I've never seen the handle locking mechanism, but is the hole directly against the J1772 handle body so that if you stuck a rod through it, the rod would be practically rubbing on the handle body? Cause that's what's supposed to prevent the trigger from depressing: a thick lock that rubs against the handle.

Did you make sure the lock you had was just barely thinner than the hole in the handle? If the lock's loop/shackle is thin enough, you could still press the trigger down to unlock the handle from the J1772 port on the Bolt.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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