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Locking the J1772 plug

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Today for grins, I put a 1/4" long shank pad lock thru the lock hole on the 1772 plug and it didn't do. a thing.... I could still press the trigger and disconnect it from teh car. What gives? Its the unit that came with my siemens versicharge. Is this normal? I thought that's what the locking hole was for?
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the shank of the lock was a very snug fit... I had to twist it (walk it) back and forth to get it to slide thru the hole. I'm saving up for a jesla adapter and wanted to make sure no one would steal it... so much for locking the 1772 plug to the car! ....well atleast the one that comes on the versicharge.
Wow... all good info! BTW, I do own a telsa and their new HPWC, so I can test what you say. FWIW, the HPWC's firmware is upgradable but since they don't have a network connection, the new firmware is sent to the cars and the car actually communicates to the HPWC and sends the firmware. ACtually quite ingenious.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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