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Long term review of the Bolt vs. the Mustang Mach-E

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Finally getting around to my review and comparison with the Mach-E. For background, I had over 100k miles between a 2017 and a 2019 Bolt Premier. Chevy bought back my 2019 earlier this year and I ended up getting a Mach-E Select standard range with the comfort/tech package in July. So as of today, I've had the MME for 4 months and over 11k miles on the exact same commute (130 miles/day - mostly interstate at 75ish mph).

Ultimately, I loved the Bolt. Other than the recall and the fact that I wanted more room for a stroller, I had no problems after 100k miles. I probably would've run it to the ground if the buyback wasn't too good to pass up ($22,500 for a $24,000 car with over 50k miles and needed new tires). I have no regrets with either car and the Bolt was/is the best value EV but the MME is bigger, faster, and can be parked indoors :) . Anyways here's what I loved about the Bolt and what I wish it had compared to the MME.

Where the Bolt is better than the MME:
  • Regen paddle. What I miss the most.
  • Software. Probably the biggest complaint of the MME - it's slow and lags even though it's 4 years newer than the Bolt.
  • Charge settings - priority charging and departure charging. On the MME, there's no option for priority and the car charges fully randomly about an hour before the departure time. If I plug in early, it'll charge to full even when I get home instead of waiting to charge overnight.
  • The Bolt's lock horn is a nice chirp. On the MME it's full blast.
  • HUD has better info: instant energy use, trending energy use.
  • Size. The Bolt is compact and easier to park.
  • Huge windshield.
  • Visors. The MME visors don't fold all the way to the windshield and get blocked by the roof way before it should.
  • Noise isolation. The first thing I noticed in the MME was the huge amount of wind noise compared to the Bolt. People new to the car ask me if the windows are open...
  • Adjusting volume on the steering wheel shows up on the HUD.

Where the MME is better than the Bolt:
  • Brake light stays on at stops with one pedal driving.
  • Cupholders have four tabs that adjust to different sizes.
  • GOM is a lot more accurate and a lot less confusing for people new to EVs (i.e. one number vs. high/low/expected range)
  • 0-100 mph. The Bolt is great 0-60 but the MME feels great 0-100.
  • Sunglass holder.
  • Overall a more premium feel/fit/finish. Except for the turn signal and wiper stalks that feel like they're from the dollar store.
  • Auto sensing wipers.
  • BlueCruise option. Though lane centering alone is already pretty amazing and exponentially better than the Bolt's LKA.
  • Size. Sooo much more cargo space.
  • Aesthetics. I love staring at the hood lines inside and outside of the car. I had an early Bolt and drove it for 3.5 years - nobody looked twice. People stop and comment all the time with the MME.
  • EDIT: drainable frunk and handsfree liftgate.
  • And my favorite: the puddle lamp.

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Now that I don't have the Bolt, I also have a bunch of stuff to get rid of: winter tires/rims, heatshield sunshade, and rubber mats. I'll post it in the classifieds for anyone interested.
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Thanks everyone for sharing. I think we would get a Mach-e if we had to replace our Bolt.
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