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Longest trip on a single charge

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I know the range is posted at 265 miles. I will be using the Bolt to travel to my cabin which is 263 miles away. It is mostly Highway so I can keep the speed consistanly at 65 mph. I have a few places that are about 200 miles into the trip with a level 2 charger to get me there without worries but I am wondering if others have traveled Highway miles at 65 if the range held up to get a full 265 OR MORE?
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When I had my 2018 Bolt, during 90 degree weather in NM, I had a run that violated several so called limitations. I left Taos at 7000 ft. and started due south. The first 30 miles were crooked and slow, by nature. Then at Santa Fe I jumped on I25 and headed south at a constant 85 mph (slow for NM) and drove straight to Socorro. Socorro has an elevation of 4300 ft. THUS, the 226 miles was all slight downhill, with only one hump during the entire run. By half way through the trip, I could see that I was going to make it with ease...even with that speed. I arrived at Socorro, with a supposed 85 miles still left in the tank. So? The temp that the Bolt battery wants most, no wind, and all going down state and down hill. The Bolt loved that combo.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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