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Longest trip on a single charge

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I know the range is posted at 265 miles. I will be using the Bolt to travel to my cabin which is 263 miles away. It is mostly Highway so I can keep the speed consistanly at 65 mph. I have a few places that are about 200 miles into the trip with a level 2 charger to get me there without worries but I am wondering if others have traveled Highway miles at 65 if the range held up to get a full 265 OR MORE?
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Lots of factors, but ABRP is very conservative..needs to be to keep people out of trouble. But in the past month I made 2 identical 125 mile round trips, starting at 4300 ft, going to 7000 ft and back...all highway, avg speed 75. Avg temp ranged 75-80, AC on but not working hard. Charged to 100% and Reset mi/kWh before starting. At the end it showed 3.8mi/kWh. Used just less than half battery(66kWh)

Many other similar trips. In middle of winter its more like 3.2 mi/kWh. Worst was different 200 mile trip, on I-15, at 88mph avg in winter. Yeah, couldn't make it...had to DCFC. 2.5mi/kWh.

If the conditions were right I'd feel fine going 261 miles at 65mph, especially with a few L2 available(if needed) on the way as OP described.
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