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Longest trip on a single charge

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I know the range is posted at 265 miles. I will be using the Bolt to travel to my cabin which is 263 miles away. It is mostly Highway so I can keep the speed consistanly at 65 mph. I have a few places that are about 200 miles into the trip with a level 2 charger to get me there without worries but I am wondering if others have traveled Highway miles at 65 if the range held up to get a full 265 OR MORE?
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Where do you get 265 miles from? I don't know which model year and which version of Bolt you're referring to but per Compare Side-by-Side, EPA range rating on '22 Bolt EV is 259 miles and EUV is 247 miles.

I sure wouldn't want to attempt 263 miles on a mostly highway drive w/o charging at all, esp. w/o checking elevation gain/loss (below).

Keep your speed down if you need to have more range autonomy. Have you checked the net elevation gain/loss via Earth Versions – Google Earth? You could be in for surprise in one of the directions.

Chevy Bolt EV travels 750 km (466 miles) on a single charge was when only 60 kWh Bolts existed. Notice they took 25.5 hours? That meant their average speed was only about 18 mph.
thanks... so when traveling 65 MPH how many miles will I travel before I need to find a charge... I figured 180-200?
Inside EVs did a 70mph test and got 226 miles, driving it to empty, on a flat highway. Assuming you have the 64 kWh battery, not the old one.
any tests at 55 mph and how far they got?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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