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Looking for info on charging in Ucluelet/Tofino, BC

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We're planning a trip up to Ucluelet (Ukee in local parlance) during December. I suspect my pax will expect to have at least some cabin heat and in any case this mission is beyond the single-charge, one-way range of the Bolt. Extrapolating my spine recovery, I'd prefer this to be Bolt rather than Volt mission.

Topping up after reaching Vancouver Island doesn't look like an issue, leaving juicing up to start home from Ucluelet as the main hurdle. We'll of course be taking the OEM cord with us but our stay won't be long enough to get enough juice into the car to start a return journey.

Big Google shows public charging stations in Ukee and Tofino.

Does anybody here happen to know the direct ground truth on charging at Ukee and Tofino?
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Yes PlugShare is a lifesaver but make sure you set it up so that it shows you the correct fast charger for the Bolt (CCS/SAE combo). I made that mistake on my first road trip ?. There are so many level 2’s around but not as many DCFC for the Bolt I find. There is a charger at the Tofino visitor centre and there’s also one at the Crystal Cove Resort close to Tofino. Not sure if it’s only for guests or not but if you’re in s punch you could ask. There are a lot of FLO and Greenlots network chargers on Vancouver Island but some ChargePoint too. I signed up for all so I’m never in trouble (also learned this the hard way! Lol). Have a great trip. Tofino and Ukee are awesome ?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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