I am in the market for a used Bolt Premier. I am willing to pay the reasonable price. I spoke to some dealers that had used Bolts like I wanted, but their price was unreasonable. For example - 2020 Bolt Premier with 20k miles at $33k.

If anybody is interested, I "bought" a 2017 Bolt Premier from Vroom. Ten seconds after it was delivered, I noticed the brakes making a loud scraping noise. I took it to a Chevy dealer and they said the brakes were gouged up and rusty. All the brake parts (rotors, calipers, etc) were so damaged and rusty, they would have to replace them all. I eventually sent the car back to Vroom because there was rust on the frame and suspension parts. I got my money back except for the $249 deposit. All this to say that I had the Bolt for a week and now am even more convinced that a Bolt will be one of the best cars I will own and am anxious to get another one.