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Lower Grill question

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I got in a fender bender and need to replace the lower grille on my 2021 Bolt LT, i keep looking online for the dam thing and keep running into 2017-2019 lower grills. So i was wondering if 2017-2019 ones are compatible with the 2021 one? or if someone could direct me to a website that could help ><
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The only difference is that 2017-2019 have a FLAT surface, whereas 2020+ have a like rough textured surface (similar to the upper grill in black). If you don't mind the small inconsistency, the parts are pretty identical as long as you are in the US (Opel spec has a few different mounts for additional hardware that didn't come with the US spec Bolts if I recall correctly from looking at swapping a lot over to match the Opel spec for my Bolt).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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