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LT rear seat - lacking cup holders?

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Trying to find an EUV before March is over. Has been tough! But I finally found one 3 hours away in a color we like.

It鈥檚 an LT with Comfort and Confidence but does not have Convenience.

Am I correct that the rear seat cup holders are built into the fold down armrest? So without the Convenience package the seat won鈥檛 have any of that? My teens couldn鈥檛 care less about the arm rest but the cup holders are somewhat important.

Are there molded cup holders in the door pockets perhaps? Or what have other people done?
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LT with Confidence and Comfort here. The rear seat has no fold-down armrest and therefore no cup holders. The rear door pockets are quite generous but they don't have any sort of cup-shaped mold feature, they're just large rectangular pockets.
Honestly, I'd just try the door pockets first and have that as a backup. The pockets may work just fine.
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