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Surprise! During a weekend trip from Portland, Maine to Quebec, we discovered two new DCFC and Tesla stations on US Route 201 leading to Canada. The stations are part of the Efficiency Maine program funded from the VW settlement

Driving to Quebec in the colder seasons meant dressing for the arctic, turning off the heat, and hoping you did not have too much snow on the road to further kill efficiency. With luck you would barely make the 160 miles from the Augusta EVgo station to the St. Georges Circuite Electrique station.

Now, Efficiency Maine is installing ChargePoint Tritium Veefil 175kW stations in Jackman, Maine
and in Skowhegan, Maine

Charging stations now average about 50 miles apart from I-95 in Maine to downtown Quebec. Once in Quebec, EV drivers benefit from a very complete Circuite Electrique network that can take you across the province. On the Canadian side, there are about 14,000 BEV/Plug in EV that come to the Maine coast during summer holidays. This is a win for EV drivers on both sides of the border.
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