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Maven, GM's car-share program, has added a new service: Maven Gig, where you can rent a car by the week, with rideshare insurance included. Intended for Uber/Lyft/Postmates/Grubhub drivers, it's also a clever way to try out a Bolt for $229 a week plus tax, instead of the $1000 it would cost you if paying Maven by their usual hourly fee schedule. Maven's "Gig" service has been added slowly in major cities, and just came to Los Angeles.

So I tried to reserve a Bolt with "Gig" pricing using the Maven app, just like Maven's Gig webpage said to do, but it wouldn't let me.

I emailed Support but didn't hear back. I called Support and they couldn't find a way to reserve me a vehicle with Gig pricing in their system either, and said it was all new and they knew very little about it. They did find a Bolt that wasn't showing up in the app and offered to rent it to me for the full hourly rate.

So apparently GM sent out press releases to advertise Maven Gig service had come to town...without first training their staff, updating their software, or updating their app...meaning that as a practical matter, Maven Gig has not in fact come to town at all.

Really disappointing.

That said, the regular hourly Maven service is still a decent way to very briefly rent yourself a Bolt (their most popular model now!) if you want the electric experience, or a Volt if you want the electrish experience, or a Suburban if you suddenly need to take 7 people somewhere, or a Cadillac if you want to look straight outta a music video, or a Malibu if you want to look straight outta Enterprise Rent A Car, or a Cruze if you want to look straight outta Enterprise Rent A Car when they've told you all the Malibus are rented already, or a Trax if...honestly I don't know why you'd want a Trax.
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