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Meet me where the cactus grows 🌵☀️

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I live in south central NM.
These are pics from my front yard.
Since all EVs like 90 plus degrees, our four are happy here.

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Sky Cloud Atmosphere Daytime Ecoregion
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I like that one. Claret Cup Cactus? How long do the blooms last?
Only a couple of weeks, Then shrivel and back to the green. Have several in the yard, and, at least, they are staggered in blooming.
Not bad. I'm looking to add to my succulent collection. Does is just bloom like that once a year? The one I posted only blooms for a day and then a few more a few days later. But it repeats every month or so over the summer.
Just one big unified bloom once a year. Individual plants are slightly out of sequence.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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