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Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating, 4 oz.

Anyone have any opinions on it or experiences with it?
Last April I treated a 2011 Ford Fiesta headlamps with Meguiar's Heavy Duty.

Process was mask, wet sand course, flush clean with DI water, wet sand fine, flush clean with DI water, dry, polish with paste (sponge on 12V DeWalt), thoroughly dry, polish with paste, thoroughly dry, apply UV protectant, remove mask. I took a couple of hours in the driveway... Relaxing afternoon. They looked like new when complete.

Anyhow, the UV protect is probably similar if not identical compound and they still look new ~10 months later. The snow also seems to slide/brush off of them a little easier - although I have lost my 7 year exposure control sample to compare it to since both lenses were treated.

If you are protecting only, just be sure to clean the surface well first - suggest just water clean and dry then isopropyl alcohol / water mix ("Rubbing Alcohol" 70/30 spray (any drug store) and clean lint free cloth. Then UV protect. If you just bought the vehicle, things shouldn't start to fade for quite a few years yet though...
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