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Metal skid plate for chevy bolt EV

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I ordered this plate from a place called Kolchuga.
The one pictured is a special extra thick one that I special requested.

it actually fits and works very well. The installation is a bit tricky, but the fitment is basically perfect

i ended up trimming this part
Wood Automotive exterior Hood Bumper Gas

Here is the old beat up 200k mile one
Gesture Road surface Wood Asphalt Font

Here it is installed. Note that the floor jack is just resting there with no pressure as a fifth support point do not lift the vehicle there.
Wood Tints and shades Automotive exterior Metal Composite material

I installed the back first. This seemed to work well. Not shown are brackets for the front part that attach to steering rack bolts. These were hard to install. Also note that it is possible to put the front most support bar (not pictured) in backwards. The 6 bolt holes aren’t symmetric. It only goes in one way
White Light Automotive tire Line Wood
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This winter, I was driving over a speed bump in our neighborhood and right on the other side was a big piece of ice that fell off from a previous vehicle (in very cold temps, they are HARD) and I heard a very frightening sound coming from under the car as it came crashing right on top of it. I stopped and looked under and I couldn't see anything (nor liquids leaking out, etc.) but it got me thinking about one of these... Wonder if and how much it would cost to get one up here in Canada.
Now Kolchuga just needs to sell a battery skid plate and I'm ordering a complete set!

P.S. @sendler2112 if I were you, I'd mask my personal details in post #47 ;)
1 - 2 of 57 Posts