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Metal skid plate for chevy bolt EV

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I ordered this plate from a place called Kolchuga.
The one pictured is a special extra thick one that I special requested.

it actually fits and works very well. The installation is a bit tricky, but the fitment is basically perfect

i ended up trimming this part
Wood Automotive exterior Hood Bumper Gas

Here is the old beat up 200k mile one
Gesture Road surface Wood Asphalt Font

Here it is installed. Note that the floor jack is just resting there with no pressure as a fifth support point do not lift the vehicle there.
Wood Tints and shades Automotive exterior Metal Composite material

I installed the back first. This seemed to work well. Not shown are brackets for the front part that attach to steering rack bolts. These were hard to install. Also note that it is possible to put the front most support bar (not pictured) in backwards. The 6 bolt holes aren’t symmetric. It only goes in one way
White Light Automotive tire Line Wood
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Interesting! Mine is torn up too so would be interested to know cost. How much was the one you ordered and how much is the standard one? Thanks!
Thanks for the reply to my question on cost! I couldn't find a price online without asking for a quote from them. The stock underbody "mat" does nothing to really protect the undercarriage at it's most probable vulnerable area-the front of the battery pack where it's wires and coolant lines for pack temp management all connect from the motor/controllers to the battery pack itself. This metal cover would greatly enhance that protection. The only thing the stock one will do is provide a little deflection of water and aero, which are also great but not sufficient for many. Have you never driven down a street after a windstorm and had to ride over some branches? One of those could easily puncture through the fiber mat and break off a hose connection or puncture a line. My vehicle has 49K miles on it and several rips and tears in the mat underbody already. Cost is a factor, but seems somewhat reasonable given it's custom designed application and the protection offered. Thanks for the heads up on this new offering and I will definitely be thinking hard about it!
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Anything to protect the front of that battery. One damaged hose could total the car (which is insane).
How much did it cost for yours? You obviously have significant need living on a dirt road.
if you look up at the fifth post he says $500ish for the regular one and he asked them for an even thicker one that was $600ish,
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FRJ139- Let us know when you get it and how installation is for you. There is previously only one other member that I know of that has posted and it looked good but it would be nice to confirm another positive review. For $400 shipped I'd definitely order one if everything is legit. Thanks!
The skid plate arrived at my place today. It took about 12 days to deliver from Ukraine to the US (not too bad). It looks like it was built well and definitely much more protective compared to the plastic skid plate. It felt like it weighed about 45-50 lbs. I will be bringing it to my local mechanic so he can replace the plastic piece. Will take some pictures and show it in comparison to the original skid plate.

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Awesome, thanks for the update! Especially interested in the attachment location at the rearmost area. I feel more comfortable ordering from them now that two members have posted about it with pics!
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