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Model Y vs 2020 Bolt Premier Test

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Hey guys,

My brother just accepted delivery of his Model Y and we’re planning to run some tests.
What we have planned so far:
1) Regan braking distance, with and without ROD.
2) Consumption test. (Planned round trip routes, as of now: Colorado Springs to Denver and Base to Summit of Pikes Peak)
3) Card board cut out test: Pedestrian braking.
4) Charging Speed: 10% to 85%

That’s all we have on the docket for now. Any suggestions or other areas you’d like to see tested?
I think my Bolt will holds is own, if not win in the consumption test and the Regen braking test. I suppose we’ll see
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actual baking ability of either vehicle (yet).
I think the Bolt can win the bake contest due to the battery might melt recall.
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What's the metal tube hiding under the Bolt?
Maybe the beginnings of a burning Bolt spring loaded garage ejection rail.
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