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Model Y vs 2020 Bolt Premier Test

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Hey guys,

My brother just accepted delivery of his Model Y and we’re planning to run some tests.
What we have planned so far:
1) Regan braking distance, with and without ROD.
2) Consumption test. (Planned round trip routes, as of now: Colorado Springs to Denver and Base to Summit of Pikes Peak)
3) Card board cut out test: Pedestrian braking.
4) Charging Speed: 10% to 85%

That’s all we have on the docket for now. Any suggestions or other areas you’d like to see tested?
I think my Bolt will holds is own, if not win in the consumption test and the Regen braking test. I suppose we’ll see
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Compare weight of wallet before and after purchase. ;)
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3) Cardboard cut out test: Pedestrian braking.

Haven't encountered a cardboard pedestrian yet. I'll let you guys know as soon as I do!
While I appreciate the humor, I think this is one unknown that would be good to test and get some comparison results.
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2020 Bolt and 2021 Model Y, flat lands of central Florida. Questions?
Nice hook guard on the garage door opener. Did it come with it or is it custom?
Do you hit your head on those overhead storage racks? I wanted to do the same but I think they will be too low.
What's the metal tube hiding under the Bolt?
Where you expecting car questions? 😉
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