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More seat time in a Tesla M3 Dual Performance

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Since the M3 Dual Performance is a $60,000 + luxury performance sedan, it should be about twice as nice as our Bolt in most areas. However, as with wine, each increment of price increase does not necessarily equate to an equal increase in "goodness."

1. The M3 Dual Performance acceleration is other-worldly. The Bolt is quick; the M3 DP is mind-bendingly fast.

2. The M3 DP seats are at least twice as good as the Bolt.

3. The longer wheelbase smooths out the ride over bumps; especially speed bumps, where the Bolt is really bad.

4. All Teslas require a steep learning curve to operate all the bells-and-whistles. GM made the decision to make it as easy as possible to transition from an ICE.

5. The one area the Bolt is much better than the M3 is day-to-day errand in-and-out. The smaller size and the overhead camera make it easier to park and to maneuver in crowded parking lots. The Bolt's higher H-point is easier to enter/exit. The M3 is typical of today's performance sedans. The low H-point allows a lower roof line for a sleeker look, but taller driver's left shoulder is always behind the B-pillar and butts are almost dragging the highway; makes climbing in and out a chore.

Bottom line - I love driving the M3 DP, but the Bolt is still our first choice for day-to-day use.

jack vines
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First off, tell me how many times you're going to use the "other-worldly acceleration". Unless you live in a wide-open area (which won't have many public chargers), I'm guessing not much.

Second, I cannot get past that stupid touch screen for every function on the car. I guess I'm somewhat of a Luddite, but I think the idea of having to go to a screen for everything is the most distracting thing you could do for a driver. And there aren't many drivers left anyways these days! We don't need to create more screens for idiots to look at while they're piloting a two ton car..

Rant off....
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I really fail to understand why video streaming, etc. is necessary (or desirable) in an automobile.
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The only time I see it being useful is to kill time when charging or waiting for someone/something like picking up my kids from school. Same thing with the games they offer as well.
That's where it would start out, but knowing typical Americans as we do, it would soon morph into short looks at the screen while driving, and then plowing into a semi while the movie's lead character gets into a chase scene!
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