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Motor Trend SUV of the Year - a trend?

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The Bolt has been perfect for our daily local needs.

However, one of us believes we also need an SUV with AWD, possibly a PHEV. To that end, I've followed the Motor Trend SUV of the Year for 2022 and 2023.

In 2022, they chose the Genesis GV70 and for 2023 the Hyundai Ioniq 5. In my limited experience, both are highly styled excellent daily drivers, but neither has any pretensions toward sport-utility-off-road use.

Truth is, this is what the majority of buyers will actually use, but many SUVs have been forced to carry several thousand dollars and hundreds of pounds of off-road capability few really need.

In reading discussions with engineers of the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover, Jeep, et al, they all say they could make a better, more practical, less expensive vehicle if it were not for the marketing department insisting it have serious off-road chops.

Now, agree, Motor Trend, as with Consumer Reports, is not an unbiased source. However, just as the Honda Ridgeline/Ford Maverick is the pickup most really will use, isn't MT telling us the tall two-box is all the SUV most of us need?

jack vines, who's prepared to say an AWD Bolt would be the answer to northern tier needs.
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Bolt + winter tires gets me everywhere in the worst winter weather, climbs my steep drive just as good as the AWD Pilot. Only time it has issues is if the snow is deep enough to lift the front tires off the road and that's ground clearance not traction.
We've gotten a fair bit of snow here in Vancouver lately, and I have to traverse the unplowed back lane to access my garage. I have no problem with traction, but what happens is that you get a ridge of crunched-up snow in between the two tire tracks that eventually freezes itself into ice. And then I can hear the underbelly of the car scraping on that stuff all the way down the lane. I cringe all the time, although so far it doesn't seem to have caused any serious damage (>knock wood<).
Me too....exactly why I bought a plug in Pacifica....It is a BEV for 95% or more of our use...
I was really, really interested in the Pacifica as a replacement for my camperized 1993 Plymouth Voyager. Unfortunately it would mostly be used on long trips and would probably be a BEV for only 10% of the time, so it just doesn't seem like a good fit for me.

I have hopes for the ID.BUZZ. We'll see...
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