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Motor Trend SUV of the Year - a trend?

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The Bolt has been perfect for our daily local needs.

However, one of us believes we also need an SUV with AWD, possibly a PHEV. To that end, I've followed the Motor Trend SUV of the Year for 2022 and 2023.

In 2022, they chose the Genesis GV70 and for 2023 the Hyundai Ioniq 5. In my limited experience, both are highly styled excellent daily drivers, but neither has any pretensions toward sport-utility-off-road use.

Truth is, this is what the majority of buyers will actually use, but many SUVs have been forced to carry several thousand dollars and hundreds of pounds of off-road capability few really need.

In reading discussions with engineers of the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover, Jeep, et al, they all say they could make a better, more practical, less expensive vehicle if it were not for the marketing department insisting it have serious off-road chops.

Now, agree, Motor Trend, as with Consumer Reports, is not an unbiased source. However, just as the Honda Ridgeline/Ford Maverick is the pickup most really will use, isn't MT telling us the tall two-box is all the SUV most of us need?

jack vines, who's prepared to say an AWD Bolt would be the answer to northern tier needs.
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I always had small cars or sport cars with FWD in the winters of Quebec and never had a problem. Friends and folks around me shopping for a vehicle are all asking for a AWD SUV like if it is now a must. They are talking like if it is impossible to go through winter without it. Then you see people drive like crazy with their AWD SUV like if the thing will never slip or will always brake on time and first thing you see when there is snowfalls, SUV's in the ditch. I wonder how my parents and grand parents did without a SUV especially when winter tires were not mandatory. IMO this SUV thing is a trend and will fade out while gas price and car price will go higher and higher.
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Yes AWD will move easier especially from a stop compared to FWD but then again when the light is green people press the gas pedal like if it was race and they over spin the tires and make it more slippery. The real secret is to adapt with the road conditions and stop pushing it. Leave earlier for work, keep your distances and take your time, AWD SUV or not. I hate it when I see this big SUV pushing me in the a$$ when I feel my car doesn't have full grip and driving safely. People don't care about sharing the road and respect the other
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