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Mustart EVSE fault when charging.

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I installed a 240v 1 phase NEMA 14-50 receptacle feed thru a 50 GFCI breaker from my sub panel. I had purchased a 40amp Mustart EVSE on Amazon because we were originally thinking about purchasing a KIA EV6 and we wanted a portable EVSE. We changed our minds when our 2022 Bolt EUV became available unexpectedly at a great price (We like the Bolt better anyway). The factory OEM EVSE works great and the car charger works as predicted. The Mustart is connected to the same receptacle but always trips on a fault within about 20 minutes of connecting. Mustart was very good about it and sent me a replacement EVSE which unfortunately does the exact same thing. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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It could be the fact that it's on a GFCI breaker
That's a good point. From Clipper Creek:
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However a GFCI breaker is required unless it's hard wired, at least according to this from Clipper Creek.
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Do not get a MUSTART. Every EV community agrees and has seen several problems.
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Truth in advertising suggests they be renamed Mustmelt.

Tomorrow could be Redline day for you! 馃
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