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My 2017 Bolt Rideshare Vehicle.. still looking great after 110,000 miles

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The 2 favorite things my passengers love are the rear view mirror(camera view) and Heated Rear Seats !!

After 110,000 miles in an ICE (running hard like we do with Uber/Lyft few hundred miles per day) would be noisy lifters,leaks and just about time for new belts and possibly water wel as brakes of course
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Interior.. hard to believe I've had 5-6 thousand passengers in.. The faux leather including the "white" holding up very well . I just put some carpet coverings down on floor board , a liitle snow next week and all through the winter..I'll run aset of these throw away carpts few days ..week and then throw a clean set in.. have like 10 sets ($1 a piece at the dollar no nagging about a waste of money ;))

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Nice touch with the phone charging cords available for passengers.
Geez II forgot.. Yeah thats the # 1 thing that pasengers liike! It's a Powapod

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Do you make any money on the deal? Don't EV cars get a lower rate on the fare?
Morning jefro .. Actually for about 10 Months were (ev drivers) were paid a $1 bonus per ride . Back to regular rates now. I think they realized it costs me $8 to drive 250 miles and it costs the ICE driver $25$30$45 depending on thier vehicle (even prius driver)

BTW.. Almost 129,000 Miles on Now
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Sorry I touched a nerve there. Obviously, you feel you're being taken advantage of. Uber's business model from Day One has been to offload all the expenses onto the drivers. If enough complain about the missing benefits, maybe things could change; good luck.

jack vines
Problem is too many drivers want to turn it into a JOB instead of a Gig. It's really good just as it is for most drivers. you can easily make $200 Net ...especially driving EV. That would be a normal income , then you have drivers that are nuts working all day and night trying to pull in $800 + a day. You can make as much or as little as you's really up to the driver. Then you have drivers that have no clue, no sense or skill in dealing with the public, their customers and do nothing but ***** and moan

Every Birthday=Off , Every Holiday=offf, everytime your sick=off just dont feel like working.. dont fell sick=your off work.

For working people thats a benefit that money cant buy
As of my last drive on Tuesday here in California, I was still receiving the "Uber Green" payment of $1 per ride, which is no longer charged to the Rider. A recent message from Uber indicated that they stopped charging the rider, as an acknowledgement that Zero Emission vehicles should be supported by Uber.

OneEV: Do you see any capacity degradation on your EV battery with these miles?

My passengers love the PowaPod; thanks for the suggestion!
after 114K miles I had roughly 6% degradation. Have my new battery couple 3 months or so and ar 128+ K total miles now. getting 265-285 City and maybe 20% highway
How, when and where do you work charging into an Uber day? How does it affect your overall time window of the day?
Now that it's summer I dont need to stop I am getting 270 Miles + range.. winter on the other hand is a pain in the backside ..days with 130 miles range ..It's to the point that it' simply not worth my time to sit and charger at 20-30kW in the winter ... I worked 4 hors max and call it a day.

Looks like the Blazer/Equinox will be getting 300+ miles range and more importantly MOST LIKELY 800 volt charging sytem, that will make even winter charging tolerable
What did you mean by "maybe 20% highway?"
about 20% of my range was from hwy driving...
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How is your PowaPod working out?

Mine, the iPhone wire has stopped charging and I notice that neither PowaPod directly or Amazon are shipping them for now.

I wrote PowaPod an email, but I am not too confident they will have a good solution.

Amazon is carrying another knockoff and I may just have to buy that one!

BTW: My new battery improves my range from about 220 miles to 270 and it is just the right sweet spot for my Uber driving; no longer needing DCFC topoffs.

Except yesterday when I had a personal high of 330 miles in one day and I stopped for 25 minutes at an EVGo when down to about 27%.
Powapod Working great.. my first one died after a year . Passengers love it right !
Yep..summer range was great upto 280 miles in the City DCFC other than a handful of times ...thats all changed the past Month Now it seems like I'm always out searching for WORKING DCFC
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