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My 2017 Bolt Rideshare Vehicle.. still looking great after 110,000 miles

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The 2 favorite things my passengers love are the rear view mirror(camera view) and Heated Rear Seats !!

After 110,000 miles in an ICE (running hard like we do with Uber/Lyft few hundred miles per day) would be noisy lifters,leaks and just about time for new belts and possibly water wel as brakes of course
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How, when and where do you work charging into an Uber day? How does it affect your overall time window of the day?
There are good people in CA. but overall they are as far left as you can go and that is as harmful to good people as anything can be. It's shameful they put those provisions in that harm so many drivers, but not surprising. It sounds like you've worked and learned the system quite well so you are able to work within it while working it against itself to your benefit when/where possible, as it should be when facing the evil of the left. Good luck in your future fight.
We are doing just fine with our politics in California; thank you!
For you I'm glad. Just please never move to Texas. We've had far too many flee CA and move to Texas and continue CA voting here. Not good at all.
Yeah, Texas that failed on that point and I'm not happy with them. Texas that I give a 7 against CA that gets maybe a 5 on best days. But there is Split Pea Andersen's and the view along the coast when FedEx sends you between LA and SF.
I'd like to "belief" a Split Pea Andersen's hot turkey, without any split pea.
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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