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Solar inverters usually have apps that allow you to control your system. Some have dedicated car charging ports in the inverter, I think solar edge has one.
My solar system is grid tied and I send power back to the grid and get a credit.
I sized the system to eventually charge evs. I have battery backup for power outages that I get a few times a year instead of putting in a generator. Hoping to one day be able to integrate a ev car into the system one day before I retire.
I put 38 kw in my bolt over the weekend just from solar and run my house. Solar is a lifestyle. You do your heavy use when the sun is out. If not I use the grid. But it's not much until I fire up my geothermal. Lol
I run the geothermal to cool the house but it's summer and I've got plenty. In Northern Michigan you don't cool much.
My house is totally electric, no gas or fuel because we don't have access to natural gas and propane will break you.
When charging my bolt I use a JuiceBox evse and I can control the amps in single digits to match the solar output and if s cloud comes over my battery backup will make up the power til the cloud goes away and I can set the JuiceBox to allow the home battery to charge and charge my car and run the house.
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