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MyChevy App upgrades

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This article might interest you.
Energy Assist feature has improved tremendously and more improvements to come.
GM enhances app for Chevy Bolt
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BTW, I finally re-installed the app for the 3rd time and it works now. I had to delete the KeyPass pairing in bluetooth and then re-pair it. Not sure if that was the problem. But Energy Assist is nearly useless.

There is a Tire Pressure section under "Vehicle Status" but right not it seems not to be filled in. Not "odometer" either.
On the Vehicle Status screen, try swiping down to refresh...?
...I can see charge level, lock the doors, unlock them, start it up, tells me if it's plugged in, charging or not...I cancelled the Onstar stuff...
Just to clarify, you canceled the OnStar service for your 2022 but you're still able to remotely precondition the Bolt through the app? We've heard reports that the OnStar service was required on the 2022 in order to use the remote start function.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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