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ME 5:53:18 PM
Chevrolet - General Question On A Vehicle I Own
Connection established.
Welcome to Chevrolet
You have been connected to an agent.
Joel:5:56:52 PM
Thank you for contacting Chevrolet Customer Assistance. My name is Joel, how may I assist you today?
Joel:5:57:06 PM
Can I also use the information that you provided on the pre-chat form for documentation purposes?
ME5:57:55 PM
Hi, I was wondering why the mychevy website doesn't update the vehicle charging status anymore???
Joel:5:58:53 PM
I understand. Do you have an elecric vehicle?
Joel:5:59:10 PM
Are you referring to location of charging stations?
ME6:00:51 PM
yes, I have the New Bolt, my friend has a Volt and he can see charging status on his computer in the office, I used to be able but the website doesn't show that information anymore
ME6:01:56 PM
I am referring to the website where you can see the status of the vehicle as it is charging outside of the office.
Joel:6:02:34 PM
I understand. We already have a separate that can assist on this one. That is our GM Connection Center Team Department.
Joel:6:03:21 PM
I apologize but you need to contact them thru phone.
Joel:6:03:54 PM
The number to call is 1-877-558-8352. They are open within 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Sunday.
ME:6:04:29 PM
Mmmmm OK thanks for the help, bye!

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Yeah, I haven't gotten any vehicle stats for my Bolt either. Use to have charging efficiency and stuff on my old Volt. I was not aware you could get charging level and status from For that info, I had to go to I've only tried latest Firefox and Chrome browsers and still no luck getting any charge level or status from my Bolt. RemoteLink app appears to be working better now (only crashes 2-3 per day now instead of every frickin' time I check it).
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