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2017 Bolt EV Ioniq 5 reservation
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Some users mention keeping logs, which I also do. Although anyone's is as good as mine, I offer my column headings for the "new gals/guys" to get ideas on what to put on theirs.

At the top of the page:
Date: _____ Destination: __________ Distance _____ miles

Col. Heading
1 Time of day {military time makes post-trip calcs easier}
2 Trip Odom[eter]
3 Aver. mi/kWh
4 Max range
5 Exp range
6 Min range
7 CC speed (cruise control setting)
8 OAT / A/C set (outside air temp / temp at which air cond is set)
9 % for climate [control]
10 Energy Used {in kW}
11 DTG (distance to go)
12 Res[erve] miles (Exp. range minus DTG)

I try to have an entry every 15 minutes or when conditions change significantly (leave the Interstate, stoplights, traffic jams, rain, side trip for BR or snack, etc.)
Columns 1-10 are filled in contemporaneously. Columns 4 & 6 are filled in at the beginning of the trip and as the destination is neared. Column 7 only filled in
when it changes. Same for A/C set, but OAT filled in every time. Columns 11 & 12 are filled in only at the end of the trip, unless my "flight engineer" is performing data
entry. When driving solo, I only fill in data when deemed safe and this is often not at constant intervals. I have a spreadsheet which does the math for columns 11 &
12 if no "flight engineer" was aboard (and other calculations as well). Not all columns are used for every trip.

Suggestions for modifications are welcome!
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