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New 2019 LT owner in Huntsville, AL

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My son turned 16 this year, and is inheriting my 2009 Mercury Milan. When I bought the Milan 10 years ago, I chose a 6 cylinder engine and have regretted it for about 10 years now, getting around 23-24 MPG average. I was compelled to make up for lost time...

I own a small aluminum boat (call it a fancy Jon boat), which I've been trailering with my Milan for about 5-6 years now. I reckon the boat and trailer weigh somewhere between 850-1000 lb, but not sure. I bought the Bolt a week ago, and installed a Draw-Tite trailer hitch yesterday! I'm really counting on pulling my boat with this car, but in the dark re: how much range that's going to cost me. During the summers, I trailer my boat to a lake about 85 miles from home. I did read a thread on this forum re: trailering, which was very influential in my decision to buy the Bolt. I was torn between a Honda Hybrid vs the Bolt, but felt more confident pulling my boat with the Bolt than with the Hybrid CVT transmission.

Fingers crossed...
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