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2020 Chevy Bolt EV [Mosiac Black]
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Hi there!

Earlier this year, I had rooftop solar installed on my home, and production was overwhelming usage predictions, so rather than just bank more power grid credit, I decided to get an EV to replace my old clunker.


In the end, I got a 2020 Chevy Bolt LT with the driver confidence packages and comfort package for under $25K.

I also learned that my electric company offered the ChargePoint Home Flex for $450 ($250 off MSRP) and gave a $150 rebate for having home electrical work done for an EV, so now I have L2 charging at home at a nice discount. Within a month, I've gone from EV-curious to EV enthusiast.


Since then, I've added some ChargePoint locations in the region that weren't already on PlugShare. While DCFC is sparse in Arkansas, it's just enough to cover my occasional long-distance travel routes, especially with the addition of a portable Level2 that can charge at NEMA 14-50 outlets.
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