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Hey folks,

Long time reader, but this is my first post. I got my 2017 Black LT back from Donohoo Chevrolet today, they replaced the battery. Drove it 100 miles back home to Georgia with no issues. Here are a few observations I've made about the battery replacement process.

A) Check your My Chevrolet App. The status of my recall changed over from "Remedy Not Yet Available" to just "Incomplete" many days before I got the letter in the mail from GM. I called the EV Concierge as soon as the status changed in the recall section of my app. Seems like that sped up the process by at least a week.

B) While the swap was being done, I got a crazy critical battery warning email from Onstar! I guess that pops when they disconnect the old battery? Email said to ignore it if the car was in for service. Anybody else get that?

C) I chatted with one of the service techs today. He said they've got one guy doing all the battery swaps at Donohoo. "He's done so many at this point, he can almost do two in a day." I took that as a good sign. I wanted to make sure to bring the car to someone who had already swapped a bunch out before mine. That also fits pretty well with the 4.5 hour GM estimate of labor for a swap. Here's a pic of a stack of old batteries I saw in the service bay: View attachment 38896

D) The new battery feels like more than a 10% boost for a 2017, because it restarts the clock on battery degradation. Big, big difference.

E) My only complaint with GM in this process was that they showed no interest in getting the dealer to detail the Bolt while they had it. I hated having to park that car outside over the past few months, and I feel like GM owes us all a wax job.

F) There were nearly a hundred reacquired Bolts on the lot there. It was cool seeing a dozen or so of each color lined up next to each other. Prices are roughly $5k higher than they were in March, glad I bought mine when I did.

G) No change in charging behavior. Still taking 240 on the stock EVSE from a dryer outlet using an adapter. Thanks News Coulomb!

Have a great day!
I noticed Donohoo had a ton of Bolts on their website. With higher prices than last Spring as you mentioned.
They must have been heavily involved in the buybacks to make a few bucks on resale. :)

Have been considering taking mine there to get the battery fix. Figured they might have some experience.
Thanks for the post and information!
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