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New Battery Update

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After an unusual total battery failure (no fire) had the battery pack replaced by GM (not part of the recall program, but they hustled up a replacement as we were now totally without a car, not just driving with a restricted battery pack). After driving for three weeks around town and a few short road trips recharged last night. Today had 490 km (303 miles) on the average expected range. With my driving techniques I have been averaging 13.2 km/100 KW or for our neighbours south of the border, 4.7 mi/KW. No range anxiety here.
Bob in Victoria Canada
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I missed the Ferry there by 3 minutes years ago and have kicked myself in the butt ever since! We did get to ride the train to whistler to ski Im looking forward to more range in my 2017 but the longer it takes for the new battery ....the newer my new main battery will be down the road....when its finally installed. Victoria must be amazing in Early April! I charge quick charge DC only but who cares now with a new battery someday. I absolutely love this car and have been all EV since I leased a Spark EV in 2015
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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