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New Battery Update

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After an unusual total battery failure (no fire) had the battery pack replaced by GM (not part of the recall program, but they hustled up a replacement as we were now totally without a car, not just driving with a restricted battery pack). After driving for three weeks around town and a few short road trips recharged last night. Today had 490 km (303 miles) on the average expected range. With my driving techniques I have been averaging 13.2 km/100 KW or for our neighbours south of the border, 4.7 mi/KW. No range anxiety here.
Bob in Victoria Canada
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You mean 4.7 miles per kWh? Energy is measured in kWh.

Not sure what "13.2 km/100 KW" refers to. If you could only travel 13.2 km on 100 kWh of energy, that is horrific. Bolt only has 60 or 66 kWh batteries.
Not sure if it was my dyslexia or dementia that had me confused but it looks like I transposed my km and kWh. It should read 13.2 kWh/100km. So the battery in our car would give about 470 km range (almost 300 miles) with careful driving technique. Sorry about the confusion
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Not sure if you were responding to my latest or to "Goose's" comment on my post where I mixed my kWh and km. Here in Canada we measure distance in km - kilometers. Your comment on my using kilowatts vice kilowatt hours was understood the first time - no need to repeat. Let's move on.
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