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new bolt charges only up to 180 miles. Is this normal?

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I purchased a juicebox pro 40 and notice when i have a "full" charge, the Bolt shows the estimated range is around 180 miles. But i expected this car to have around a 240 mile range or more.

Is this normal to show just 180 miles but when driving in "L" mode would actually get over 200 miles? I do have some trips coming up that are around 210 miles round trip and would be great to be stress-free rather than have to find a charger on the road.

Thanks for your help/suggestions and advice!

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the charging meter in the car is routinely called the "guess-o-meter" it reflects range based on past driving habits, as you drive more efficiently it's 'range' estimate will change, if you drive less efficiently then it will show less range.

if you look at the "green bars" - there are 4 sections - and each bar represents 5% of battery charge - normal charging (hill top reserve active) will charge the car to 88-90% (this number can be seen in the

you aren't the 1st new owner to have this problem - and over time as the car learns your driving habits the range estimate will be more accurate - for now you can ignore it.
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to get the 238 mile range you have to do at least 2 things

1. charge the car to full (100% - hill top reserve off)
2. get approximately 4 miles for each kWh (60 kWh * 4 miles = 240 miles of range) - which requires careful driving at posted speed limits and minimal terrain/speed variation.

depending on driving style, terrain, climate control use, weather and other factors you will get anywhere from 2 to 6 miles per kWh - that equates into. 120-360 miles of range from a single charge - 160-200 is fairly common and easy to achieve.

this is true of all EV cars and it's fairly easy to be inefficient or very efficient - but the advertised ranges are typically idealized cases for "normal" use - and it's fairly easy to find real world situations in which you won't achieve that range - but you can often get pretty close and if you work really hard to optimize your driving you can also do better than the advertised range.

for day to day it rarely matters and you can rest assured that for typical < 150 mile days the Bolt or any other EV with 2xx miles range will more than meet your daily expectations.
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Seth, have you in fact checked to see if the "Hilltop Reserve" feature is turned on? The reason I ask is that I have that feature enabled, and 180 miles is the figure I usually see after a charge.

If you've checked, and that feature is turned off, then either the Guess-O-Meter hasn't learned your behavior, as others have suggested above, or you just need to tame your lead foot!

Trying to keep the small vertical bar above the mid point on the left-hand battery gauge as you drive is one of several indicators that the Bolt gives us to help tame our sin of acceleration. Another is the height of the yellow/above bar and the presence of the green/below bar on the right-hand part of the center display.

Being smooth, accelerating gradually, and backing off well ahead of stopping points, very much helps boost range.
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I always charge to Hilltop Reserve and 188 miles is the consistent "expected" (not Max. or Min.) range when "fully charged".
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I have my hill top reserve on and I charge to 256 miles of range because I have efficient driving habits.
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