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New Bolt dead in one week!

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I was hoping to introduce myself to the forum on a happier not, but here I am. I picked up my new 2018 Bolt Ev Premier last Saturday and have enjoyed driving it to and from work for the past week. Mostly driving in L to get max regen. I have been charging it nightly off 120v at 8A and noted no issues other than the occasional hiccup when applying the throttle.

Yesterday my wife and I decide we were going to go run some errands, the Bolt had other ideas. As I was approaching a light at a busy intersection I noticed the regen was not working as usual and applied the breaks. The gauge cluster read limited driving capability(or something like that). As I came to a stop the car shifted itself to park and applied the parking brake. I attempted to shift into drive and take off the parking brake, with no success. It just told me to go back into park. I tried reverse and neutral with no luck. Everything else appeared to work. I tried turning it off and back on, but when pressing the start button the car rebooted showing a globe like graphic which said something to the effect of "re-initializing". nothing worked to get me moving. On go the hazards and there I sat. I hit the Onstar button, the called the local police ( who arrived promptly to block the lane behind me). Onstar told me they were running a diagnostic, which showed nothing wrong. They then told me they would get me a tow truck to take me to the nearest dealer, a dealer I knew was not authorized to work on my car. The cop getting inpatient asked if I wanted him to have dispatch get me a tow, which I did, and he did. The tow he called arrived quickly, and I then received a text from Onstar telling me a truck would be there in a couple of hours. I had the tow truck take me to the dealership I purchased the car at. The dealer told me they would get back in tough with me on Monday.

I later saw that I had an email from Onstar stating:
"Dear Thomas Larsen,
An issue with the Engine and Transmission System in your 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV has been detected. Please service your vehicle within 7 days.

Please disregard this message if your vehicle is already in for service. Inaccurate notifications can be generated during service.

Please see your dealer for service."
So here I sit one week after purchase, with 265 miles on the car with an ICE loaner and no clue what is going on. Did I get a lemon? Is it an easy fix? Is the problem 12v? Or is it high voltage system related? Who knows. (only thing I know now is onstar is useless for towing. I will try to keep this thread up to date in case it helps anyone in the future. As for now I just have to sit here and wait.
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He also implied that a fix was going to take quite a while.
Didn't see that you posted your location, but in many States the lemon law puts a limit on shop time before they have to buy it back (or give you a new car). Worth looking into and letting the dealer know the clock is ticking.
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