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Bought Monday at a Chevy dealer about 30 miles from the Orion Township plant where the Bolts are assembled. Ironic that the cars are shipped all the way to California and back.

Very pleased with the Bolt so far! In the background of the photo are Level 2 chargers available for free and fed by a solar array at Western Michigan University. We charged there Tuesday, but the parking lot was being painted on Wednesday, when the photo was taken, so we went a block away to another Level 2 charger at the WMU Office for Sustainability.

We've ordered a Model P50S "Standard" 40A charging station from OpenEVSE.

Thinking about taking out the passenger and back seats to make a camper. This forum pointed out the wrench bit required for the front seat, but does anyone know about the wiring under this seat and how to take out the back seats?

Thanks and glad to be here!



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