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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for the past month or so, learning all I can about the new Bolt before taking the plunge.

We signed lease paperwork yesterday on a 2017 Bolt Premier, white with gray interior and pretty much all available options, from Phillips Chevy in Lansing IL. Thanks to forum member Matt Dickson for recommending Phillips Chevy! The Chevy dealers in my local (Omaha NE) area have just started getting the Bolts in stock, and they are really holding tight to MSRP (or just slightly below) at this point. I got bids from several local dealers on a Bolt 36-month lease, and the zero-down, 10K mile per year rate came back between $505 and $550 per month. With Phillips, I was able to get a monthly rate of $395 (including sales tax) with zero down! Not a great lease compared to what I'm seeing in California, but pretty great for the mid-west. I considered simply purchasing the Bolt, as Phillips was willing to do it for a total price of $37,000 after rebates (MSRP was $43,510), and with the $7500 tax credit my total outlay would have been under $30k (once I filed my taxes next year). However, the practicality of keeping my payments relatively low, along with the fast-moving changes in the electric car landscape, drove me to go the leasing route. For anyone in the mid-west interested in buying a Bolt, I recommend you contact Shawn Breish at 708-474-0000, extension 465. Please tell him that Rick Nelson referred you.

The Bolt will be my wife's main car (I drive a 2017 Genesis G90 and a 2006 Lexus SC430). She currently drives (and LOVES) a 2013 Nissan Leaf. We leased that one back in 2013, and ended up buying for a great price ($12K) when the lease ended over a year ago. We have 31K miles on the Leaf, and haven't lost any "Bars" of energy storage. It will go 85-90 miles on a charge, which has been mostly sufficient for my wife's needs. She did suffer from quite a bit of range anxiety initially, but has mostly overcome that. She does really look forward to the Bolt's 238 miles of range to take away any last twinges of range anxiety.

Our new Bolt should be delivered from Illinois late this week or early next week, and we're excited to check out this new car! Believe it or not, I have not yet seen a Bolt in person (none on the road here), so this purchase is a bit of a "leap of faith" based on all the reviews I've read. I look forward to participating in this forum and sharing my Bolt experiences!
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