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New Bolt in Northern Michigan

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Happy new Bolt owner here, we picked up the first Bolt to arrive in our area. There was a waiting list 20 people deep. We weren't on it, but we happened to arrive early on the first day the Bolt was available, and bought it before anybody else had a chance. A base model, no options -- I only wish it had the fast charging option, though no Level 3 stations are currently in our area.

I've been waiting for a long-range electric car for decades, since I worked on fuel cell and hybrid vehicles at Ford's Research Lab in the 90's. First impressions:

Power: Wow! as a fuel-economy fanatic this is faster than any car I've ever had, only beat by my motorcycles. Even better than the VW turbo-diesels, those had previously been my Gold Standard for combining fuel economy and driving fun. Instant pedal response is a wonderful thing.

Noise: This is quiet! Dramatically more quiet than my Yaris running on winter tires, I just about need earplugs in that car. The Bolt is amazingly quiet, it really gives a magic carpet ride' feel to the driving experience.

Snow and Ice: Yikes! These tires slip and slide all over the place! A horrible first impression, compared to a 2000 pound Yaris on snow tires. Thanks to amazing traction control it will get where it's going, but I have to be gentle and cautious.

Cold Weather Range: Ouch! It's been cold and snowy up here this week. Averaging around 2.4 mi/kW-hr, 150 mile range on a full charge. My daily circuit frequently gets to 140-160 miles, so it is disappointing to see the reduced range. I hope it's only the cold! I stop for an hour to charge during the day, either at a hotel near my gym or at free ChargePoint chargers near an evening stop.
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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I took my Bolt home in August. It was quite the bizarre experience getting one. They are built here in Michigan, but are hard to obtain. I have to agree with the drop in range with the cold. I've lost anywhere from eight to 50 miles of range depending on temps below 32degrees. Have had very little trouble driving in the snow so far. It's mostly watching out for other drivers at this time of year. Have a safe holiday!!
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