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New Bolt in Northern Michigan

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Happy new Bolt owner here, we picked up the first Bolt to arrive in our area. There was a waiting list 20 people deep. We weren't on it, but we happened to arrive early on the first day the Bolt was available, and bought it before anybody else had a chance. A base model, no options -- I only wish it had the fast charging option, though no Level 3 stations are currently in our area.

I've been waiting for a long-range electric car for decades, since I worked on fuel cell and hybrid vehicles at Ford's Research Lab in the 90's. First impressions:

Power: Wow! as a fuel-economy fanatic this is faster than any car I've ever had, only beat by my motorcycles. Even better than the VW turbo-diesels, those had previously been my Gold Standard for combining fuel economy and driving fun. Instant pedal response is a wonderful thing.

Noise: This is quiet! Dramatically more quiet than my Yaris running on winter tires, I just about need earplugs in that car. The Bolt is amazingly quiet, it really gives a magic carpet ride' feel to the driving experience.

Snow and Ice: Yikes! These tires slip and slide all over the place! A horrible first impression, compared to a 2000 pound Yaris on snow tires. Thanks to amazing traction control it will get where it's going, but I have to be gentle and cautious.

Cold Weather Range: Ouch! It's been cold and snowy up here this week. Averaging around 2.4 mi/kW-hr, 150 mile range on a full charge. My daily circuit frequently gets to 140-160 miles, so it is disappointing to see the reduced range. I hope it's only the cold! I stop for an hour to charge during the day, either at a hotel near my gym or at free ChargePoint chargers near an evening stop.
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