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Anyone has 'all weather' (not all season!) tires on their Bolt?

I use Nokian WGR3 for 12 years now on two Priuses (Prii?) and love them. I did not notice any impact on mileage. Mind you it is not an EV! Here in the Great White North snow tires are literally a must during the winter months. All weather tires stay on all year long. All weathers are not quite equivivalent to dedicated snow tires but unless one is a serious witer sport enthusiast, they work well. There are now other manufacturers also, like Michelin and I believe Cooper.

I am considering buying a Bolt so I am in discovery mode.
A Tesla owner in my local EV club put All Weather tires on his MS. He is quite happy with them, but Tesla owners, particularly those who enjoy free SC charging, don't seem to get their panties in a twist about range\efficiency. He seems sold on the All Weather.
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