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New Bolt Owner

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My name is Ed and I'm a new Bolt Premier owner.
Took ownership on Thanksgiving Day and got a level 2 charger installed the other day.

I'm located in the DC/Baltimore area with a 20 mile round-trip commute.

I've lurked around the site for the past couple of weeks while researching the Bolt. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular forum member.

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Fantastic! We have some family to visit in Baltimore (90 mi each way, which may be a little tight in winter), and so far I haven't been able to find a working fast DC charger between Ellicott City and Pikesville.

If you bump into such a thing, please let us know :)
Wait, did I miss thanksgiving day?

Congratulations. Hope you enjoy your new ride.
Wait, did I miss thanksgiving day?

Congratulations. Hope you enjoy your new ride.
Yes, Ed. What calendar did you use?
Wow, ednowicki, you went a good year without visiting these forums!? And you're just now researching the Bolt? Bolt must've really impressed you to buy it without any hemming and hawing in forums during the decision process. Belated welcome and most importantly: what color is it?

I should have said Halloween.

<sheepish grin>

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You must have some wild Halloweens to forget them and mis-remember them as Thanksgiving.
At first I thought you were from Canada, I believe Thanksgiving Day is on October 9th this year.
Congrats on your Bolt purchase.
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