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New Canvas Back Hatchback Floor Liner for 2023 Bolt EUV

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I bought a new 2023 Bolt EUV Redline. I want to keep the back of my car clean for shopping or driving my dog around. So, I looked around for a liner for the back. I just installed a black liner by Canvas Back. These are made to order, so they take a few weeks to arrive.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Trunk Automotive exterior

The new liner fits well. It was easy to install due to its velcro attachment. I was able to do this myself without help and, using the velcro, reposition the liner during the installation. This liner should keep the back of my car free of dog fur. It cleans up very easily. And, I can remove it to wash it should my dog get it muddy.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Here is the liner with the false floor removed and the seats down. The liner covers the back of the seats to the end of the car.

Car Land vehicle Dog Vehicle Motor vehicle

Room for a 22 lbs dog up top. He can see out the back window. My dog is a Danish/Swedish Farmdog and looks very much like a Jack Russell terrier, but without the hyperactivity. He's a terrific snuggler.

Car Dog Motor vehicle White Automotive design

More room for a bigger dog by taking out the false floor. My dog is now too low to see out the back window.

The Canvas Back liner makes removing the false floor easy since it has two pieces. One attached to the false floor and a second bigger piece that goes from the seat backs all the way under to the back. Where the liner has to move with the seats, behind the dog, one can see some wrinkling of the liner when the seats are up.

Car Product Luggage and bags Vehicle Bag

I keep my dog bed, shopping bag, and when needed, the privacy screen under the false floor.

Note: I do not work for Canvas Back. Nor did I receive any compensation or free stuff for this post. It took me a lot of online digging to find a liner that might work for me, so I thought I'd share my findings with the community.
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My privacy screen is flexible/bendy. I forced it and it was fine - no worse for wear.

Nice liner, I'm impressed. I do have a non-related question for you though. Is there a trick to getting that privacy screen to fit under the floor like that? I tried to do that the other day at Safeway and it didn't seem to want to do it, and I gave up fairly soon.
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Yes! That is the liner I have.

I prefer a cargo liner for the dog. I transport people in the back seats and moving a liner out of the way for them is a hassle. My dog is used to the cargo area, so that works best for us.

Is this the link: Chevrolet Bolt EUV Cargo Liner ?

I wonder if you ever considered any of the liners that cover the rear passenger bench. Your dog seems to be pretty happy in the rear cargo compartment, but I wonder if you considered other options. Thanks!
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