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New EUV Owner - Have a couple of questions.

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Hi all.

I just swapped into an EUV from a 2020 EV. Was wondering if any EUV owners could answer the following questions for me, as I have not been able to find anything in the documentation.

1. What are the pair of metal loops in the lower part of the cargo area for? I would have thought for a horizontal cargo net, but there are only two loops, not four, plus the only cargo net Chevy sells is the vertical one.

2. Is there a way to put a camera button on the Home screen of the Infotainment system? On my EV there was one, but on the EUV it seems the only way to get to the camera is Home|Settings and then hunt for it, which is big PITA. (I know the rear camera comes on automatically when you back up-- I'm thinking of situations when I want to turn it on as I pull forward into a parking space.

Thanks very much.
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Press and hold the camera icon...then drag it to your home screen. You may need to delete some icons to make space. It is explained in the manual, too.
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I think you鈥檙e right about the net. I believe one of the official Chevy accessories is a net like this. You might check out their website
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