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I had my Bolt for ONE week and a 3' tumbleweed ended up taking out the front grille! So I bought the only used one on eBay but it came in gray (listed as silver but it was gray) so I ended up painting it black with Plastidip and while I was at it, I blacked out the back bowtie on the rear hatch.

During this process, I found that the front grill is very brittle and there are a lot of parts made in Korea including the grill. It was a PIA to take the grill out and I probably put the grill back too soon because Plastidip started peeling back where the front bumper rubbed it so I sprayed it again after it was mounted back on the car. The Plastidip Glossifer did not make it shiny at all after 5 coats so in my opinion a waste of money ($10).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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