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We bought our Bolt last August. Just found this group. I really like the car, how it drives and looks. Was looking for a Plug-in Hybrid and decided to go all the way to EV. Not sure sometimes if I jumped in too soon. I found that running a 220 charge at home is a problem because our service amperage is only 100. Really expensive to upgrade the service. We are OK with home charging at 110. Mainly drive around the city of Cincinnati. Winter was a bit of a rude awakening, though. Here are my troubles/concerns:

1. I got duped into taking the "software update". We charge 110, we have no garage, so the fire risks are low. I'm perfectly capable of managing charging settings, but now all the settings are disabled. We want to take a road trip but the crippled charging is discouraging. I wonder if it is possible to revert the software to before the update?

2. Since I hardly ever charge the car away from home, I'm really awkward at using the fast charging stations. We are older and fairly computer savvy, but doing everything on our phones is awkward and inconvenient. Every time I've done it (about 4 times) there have been problems getting it started and understanding the payment. Different networks have different ways. One time, I made a couple errors getting started and got extra fees that I had to have the company remove.

3. We have iPhones and find that the connection to CarPlay is erratic. We use GPS everywhere we go, but sometimes it just doesn't respond. Or it works and then stops working. Even when it works the displayed functions are different. This can be very hard when we are navigating in unfamiliar territory and I have to start holding my phone up to see what is happening. Sometimes, starting the car displayed navigation asks to start the navigation, then kills it on the phone. I have to plug in/ unplug several times. A few times I just have to give up. I didn't understand the way wireless connection works until we rented a Ford Escape where we didn't have to plug it in. Getting it going was a little funky, but worked well once we got it figured out. I see there is a device we can leave plugged into the car that will automatically connect to the phone. Do this work or will I have the same problem of poor connection?

I suppose there are other places to post these questions, but I got started, so here it is.

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The LCS-20 is a great choice if you don't anticipate upgrading your current service or moving somewhere else. If you think you might do one of those things, you can also look at the Grizzl-E home charger, which has dip switches you can set (directions very good) or an electrician could do it for you. Those switches allow you to set it to 16/24/32/40Amps. If you can squeeze in a 20A breaker, set it to 16A. If in the future you upgrade your service or move somewhere with 200A service, you can reset the dip switches to whatever that panel can offer you.
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